CO2 Jets

A safe, clean effect with amazing impact.

Action Co2 Stage


CO2 jets produce instantaneous jets of white vapour to 8m. Unlike smoke, the moment the jets stop, there is no lasting effect - the vapour vanishes and the stage is clear again.

A high impact, repeatable effect making it great value for award ceremonies and concerts where it can be used on numerous occasions throughout the show.

Multiple jets can be simultaneously fired for a curtain effect or independently chased between units. Truss mounting allow jets to be fired downwards, sideways or even onto your audience.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions: 80mm W x 220mm L x 260mm H
Weight: 8.3kg
Performance: Multiple shots – typically up to 5 seconds
Duration of effect: Up to 80 seconds continuous from one cylinder
Height of effect: 8m
Power: 240V (0.2A)
Positioning: Stage
Additional info: When a light is placed adjacent to the unit, the jet can be up-lit and made to change colour.

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