Gas Flambeaux & Stage Flames

Fire has the power to both attract and captivate. As a feature of an event, the warmth, light, movement and power that it has will enhance the atmosphere or entertain with rapidly changing jets and fireballs.

Gas Flambeaux

Adding the element of fire to your event creates a warm welcome with an alluring dash of intrigue.

Gas Flambeaux look majestic flanking an entrance while an avenue of Giant Oil Torches and Olympic Gas Torches will subtly illuminate a red carpet affair. These are great options for corporate events, premieres and many more reasons alike.

WildFire and ColourFire are capable of being pulsed, chased and choreographed to music, lights and other media giving you a stunning display of firepower on every occasion.

If you are looking to use fire at your event, we are the right people to talk to. Call our friendly team NOW on 01582 723502 to find out more.

Special offer for special events – Combine gas flambeaux and architectural lighting to welcome your guests along with confetti cannons inside for a special discounted package price.

Call Confetti Magic on 01582 723502 for details about this offer.

All of our flame equipment can be dry hired with the exception of WildFire and ColourFire.

Call Confetti Magic on 01582 723502 dry hire prices.