Remote Control Confetti Cannon

The simplest of our professional launchers yet one of the most versatile.

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These wireless remote control confetti cannons can be placed anywhere in a room to create an instantaneous shot of confetti or streamers on the push of a discrete hand-held button.

The units contain a rechargeable battery, so no power cables are required. Often fired from a stage or over a dance floor, multiple units can be fired from the same button to create a fantastic, surprise effect.


The cartridges come in small, medium and large and can be custom loaded with the confetti/streamers of your choice. The cartridges are disposable, with a fully charged air cylinder in each one.

Multicolour Electric Cartridges

Custom Colour Electric Cartridges


Technical Specifications
Dimensions: 250mm L x 200mm W x 210mm H
Weight: 4.2kg
Performance: Single shot
Duration of effect: Instantaneous, but confetti can continue to fall for up to 25 seconds
Distance: Small - 8m, medium - 10m, large - 12m
Power: Battery
Positioning: Floor
Consumption: Per shot, small - 100g, medium - 160g, large - 200g
Additional info: Overall height 910mm high when loaded with large cartridge. Duration of effect depends on ceiling height of venue. Remote control range up to 50m.

Special offer for special events – Combine gas flambeaux and architectural lighting to welcome your guests along with confetti cannons inside for a special discounted package price.

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Hiring equipment? We can supply a complete range of confetti, streamers and cartridges.

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