Custom Cut Confetti

Surround the audience in your brand.

Action G Cutouts

Imagine hundreds of thousands of logos swirling around your guests. It's the perfect way to launch a new brand, create a unique moment during a concert or simply dress your event.

Custom shapes are more identifiable when flying through the air than custom printed so are better suited to larger launches and events. Keep the outlines simple and the results look fantastic.

Given the set up costs, there is a minimum order of 10kg so this is only suitable for large or repeat events.

Looking for an interesting twist to your confetti launch? We can mix in any number of 'golden tickets' to give the lucky recipients a gift from a sponsor.

Call Confetti Magic on 01582 723502 for custom sponsorship ideas.

Can't see what you're looking for? Then give us a call. We have access to other materials such as water soluble confetti and confetti cuts like twisters that spiral as they fall.

Call Confetti Magic on 01582 723502 for advice for your event.