The safest and most versatile fire show available.

Action Field Flames


Designed for use both indoors and out, the system is as much at home on stage as it is in an open field. The system can run on propane gas, liquid propane or liquid fuels such as Isopar, giving us unrivalled flexibility to fit the effect to the venue or application required.

The DMX control allows us to program intricate chases between the multiple heads with split second accuracy. For multi-media shows, we can choreograph the flames to dance in time with the music, creating stunning sequences in perfect unison with the soundtrack and other elements such as fireworks or lasers.

Safety features include pilot light monitoring, automatic pilot ignition, full emergency stop, double solenoid valves in case of failure, separation of fuel and electrical systems and flashback arrestors.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions: 400mm x 400mm x 430mm H (580mm high to top of cone)
Weight: 20kg
Performance: Multiple shots
Duration of effect: Only limited by supply of fuel
Flame height: 1m to 10m
Power: 240V (1.2A)
Positioning: Stage, ground or rooftop
Fuel: Propane/Isopar
Additional info: We recommend a safety distance of 5m to the public, although this can sometimes be reduced slightly under certain conditions. This system must be supplied with a trained operator and cannot be dry hired.

Special offer for special events – Combine gas flambeaux and architectural lighting to welcome your guests along with confetti cannons inside for a special discounted package price.

Call Confetti Magic on 01582 723502 for details about this offer.

All of our flame equipment can be dry hired with the exception of WildFire and ColourFire.

Call Confetti Magic on 01582 723502 dry hire prices.