LED Lighting

Every colour of the rainbow is possible from these high-power floodlights.

Action Led Lake


Fully waterproof, they can be used to up-light walls and features, both indoors and out with vivid colour changing washes.

Simple programming allows you to synchronise all the lights to change together or provide a single fixed colour.

Various programs are built into the lights which can be selected via a remote control. For greater control, the lights can be connected to a DMX desk.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions: 210mm W x 300mm L x 80mm H
Weight: 4.5kg
Performance: Continuous
Duration of effect: Unlimited
Coverage: 40 degree beam angle
Power: 240V (0.1A)
Positioning: Stage, stand or ground
Additional info: Given their low power consumption, multiple lights can be run from one standard 13A socket.

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