Truss Mounted

Waterfalls and starbursts suspended from a truss.

Action Pyro Awards


Waterfalls create a cascade of liquid silver sparks falling from a truss or lighting bar above the stage; a stunning backdrop whether it's for a rock band or the entrance of the CEO. Airbursts recreate the starbursts of an aerial fireworks display with spherical explosions of sparks.

Technical Specifications
Physical size: 14mm to 30mm
Performance: Single shot
Duration of effect: Usually instantaneous but up to 25 seconds
Height/fall: 1 to 10 m
Safety distance: Minimum 3m
Colours: Gold/silver
Power: Battery
Positioning: Truss

We can arrange low-smoke indoor fountains on wooden frames to spell out messages or reproduce a logo in sparkling silver lights.

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All the pyrotechnics used in our shows are manufactured in the UK.

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