Swirl Fan

The Swirl Fan provides us with a means of creating a silent fall of confetti over a stage, studio or dance floor.

Action Shapes


The hopper is loaded with confetti which can be launched in around 2 minutes on full power and up to 8 minutes when controlled via a dimmer. The confetti is fired up to 3m in every direction, giving a coverage of around 30m², with more possible if the venue is high enough.

Given the quiet operation, this unit is perfect for film and TV, as well as for creating a subtle fall of petals or snow at a fashion show.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions: 630mm Diameter x 465 mm H
Weight: 17kgs
Performance: Continuous flow
Duration of effect: 4 minutes plus
Distance: Up to 3 metres, 360° around the unit
Power: 240V (2A)
Positioning: Truss
Consumption: Tissue - 3 kg. Metallic - 4 kg
Additional info: A minimum ceiling height of 3.5m is required for this effect

Special offer for special events – Combine gas flambeaux and architectural lighting to welcome your guests along with confetti cannons inside for a special discounted package price.

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Hiring equipment? We can supply a complete range of confetti, streamers and cartridges.

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