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Event Gas Torch Hire At Leeds Castle

Tuesday 18 July, 2023

Gas torches are not only a great way to create a fantastic visual impression as your guests arrive, but they also symbolise a warm welcome as well as providing a functional role as they light the way along the path.

Standing 1.71 metres high, they present an elegant sight with their slender support poles and brushed silver tops, crowned by a flickering orange flame.

When we were asked to provide an avenue of torches to guide guests from one building at Leeds Castle, where they had attended a presentation, to the main castle building for the evening’s entertainment, our Olympic Gas Torches we the obvious choice.

With a watering system just under the surface of the grass, we used free standing bases to support the torches to prevent any damage from the spikes. The stands also allow us to position the torches across a courtyard or other hardstanding.

The burner is designed and built by the same company who made the 2012 Olympic Torch, so is incredibly wind resistant to the point that we’ve never managed to blow one out!

The gas cylinder is discretely housed within the top of the unit, so there are no hoses or external gas cylinders required. They will provide at least three hours of continuous use, but can be switched on and off as required.

At Leeds Castle, the organiser asked for the torches to be lit for both the transit of the guests from one building to another, as well as when guests left. Our on-site supervisor switched the units off once everyone was in, relighting them later in the evening for the guests’ departure.

Having one of our technicians on site ensured that everything was safely set-up and monitored throughout the event, with a de-rig once everyone had left.

Our torches and gas flambeaux have featured at a wide variety of other events and venues including film premieres to line the red carpet, weddings, private parties, gala evenings at Hampton Court and been on a European tour with a theatre production.

The sleek design looks equally at home at contemporary events as it does at historic venues so whatever event you are planning next, contact Confetti Magic on 01727 220386 or visit

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