Confetti Magic have provided spectacular stage pyrotechnic effects for concerts, television productions, awards ceremonies and sporting events.

Our Pyrotechnics

We work and have worked at some of the UK's most famous venues such as The Royal Albert Hall, Wembley, NEC and SEC. We also work internationally having even fired underground in Gibraltar’s St Michael’s Cave.

Close proximity pyrotechnics add power to any performance, no matter what it is. Timed immaculately so that they coincide with key moments in the programme, the combined factors of light, sound, surprise and sheer scale are guaranteed to leave your audience with a long lasting impression.

Combining Stage Mounted Pyrotechnics such as colour mines with Truss Mounted Pyrotechnics in the form of colour airbursts, in a rapid fire sequence, can give the illusion of a fireworks display. When used in conjunction with a Flash Screen, you have a truly unforgettable and unique spectacle.

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