A non-pyrotechnic jet of sparks with controllable height and duration.

Sparkular II Spark Machine Hire

Sparkular II Spark Machine

Sparkular IIs are the new generation of cleaner, pyro-style effect without the heat and smoke of traditional pyrotechnics.

Spark machines are designed for stage use where a safe, controllable and repeatable fountain effect is required to add impact and excitement to a performance or presentation.

The effect is created when specially formulated granules are blown through a heater in a stream of air, before being projected from the top of the machine.

They can be controlled using either a hand-held wireless remote control for pre-set effect heights or a dedicated DMX controller for sweeps, chases and control of individual units.

The Sparkular II is the latest industry-standard spark machine, offering outstanding performance and safety with a quieter operation than previous models.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 286mm W x 280mm L x 258mm H
Weight: 9 kg
Performance: Multiple shots
Duration of effect: Up to 20 minutes from one pouch of granules (200g) on low height setting. Approximately 10 minutes on maximum height
Distance: Height up to 6m with large granules, 4.5m with medium and 3m with small
Power: 500w (2A)
Positioning: Stage, indoors and outdoors subject to dry conditions (case is shower proof)
Additional info: Although the sparks are lower hazard than pyro, still allow a 3m safety distance, clear of people and flammable materials. Hopper will hold 300g of granules

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