Why do we have so many confetti cannons for hire? Because whatever effect you are looking to create, we want to make sure we have the perfect solution to fulfil your vision.

Our Confetti Cannons

Here at Confetti Magic, we have the widest range of confetti and streamer cannons, launchers and blowers available to hire in the UK.

High Impact Confetti Cannons

With Remote Control Confetti CannonsBig Shot Confetti CannonsTriple-BarrelledMulti-Shot and PowerShot Confetti Cannons, we can fire it remotely, on the push of a button to maximise the surprise factor.

Sustained Flow Confetti Cannons

Confetti Fountains, MiniBlower Confetti CannonsLED Confetti Fountains and BigBlaster Confetti Cannons will create a sustained flow of confetti to fill anything from a dance floor to a stadium in a frenzy of colour.

Silent Confetti Cannons

To create a peaceful, silent fall to add a touch of magic to the moment, Swirl Fans are perfect and give extensive control over the scale and duration of the effect.

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Which confetti cannon should I hire?

Read our guide to hiring the best confetti cannon for your event

When choosing which confetti cannon to hire, there are a number of aspects to consider to ensure that when the big confetti moment comes, you create the perfect visual impact to suit your event.

Our confetti experts are on hand to help you throughout the process, but here are a few points to consider when deciding which confetti cannon is for you.

Shot or stream?

Do you want an instantaneous shot of confetti or a sustained blast of confetti? Shots give impact to a key moment like a ribbon-cut to open a building, while blasts create a more celebratory feel with the confetti swirling around for a minute or more, often seen at trophy presentations for football championships.

Hire a pair of Remote Control Confetti Cannons for the simplest way to create a stunning burst of confetti on the push of a button.

MiniBlower Confetti Cannons are equally at home creating a stream of confetti at a photo shoot in a studio as they are covering the bride and groom in confetti for their first dance.

Single or multi-shot?

You may want to celebrate the presentation of the Grand Award with a shot of confetti over the winners, or you may decide that the effect is just too good not to repeat it throughout the gala evening.

Stadium Duo Confetti & Streamer Cannons can be hired with crew for a massive single shot of confetti and streamers to open or close a festival.

Multi-Shot Confetti & Streamer Cannons will create waves of confetti in quick succession or hand the controller to the DJ for bursts of confetti and streamers throughout the evening.

Dry hire or operator fired?

For smaller events we have confetti cannons and blowers that you can hire and we can send to you by courier. For larger events and when you want peace of mind that an expert is on hand to ensure everything runs smoothly, you can hire the equipment with crew.

Dry hire an LED Confetti Fountain for a safe and effective stream of confetti, even if you have a low ceiling in the venue.

Call in the team with our Stadium Confetti Blasters to create the ultimate confetti storm with multiple cannons each shooting up to 10kg of confetti in 60 seconds, all controlled from one position.

Ground or truss mounted?

Most frequently, confetti is fired up from the ground before cascading over your guests, but there are occasions when you need it to simply cascade down. This may be because you are short of space at ground level or the venue has a low ceiling.

Turbo Confetti Blasters are large, fan powered confetti blowers that will stream confetti from the ground, up to 25m into the air for as long as you have confetti to feed into them.

Hire Swirl Fans for when you want a gentle, silent, controllable cascade of rose petal confetti to fall from the ceiling for a remembrance service or for a flurry of snowflakes on stage.

Static or mobile?

For a stage show with a seated audience, you can hire a mains-powered confetti system for reliable night after night performance with pre-loaded confetti cartridges for minimal maintenance. Whereas for a parade with a dynamic, moving performance area, fully mobile is the way to go.

Powershot Confetti Cannons provide an expandable confetti solution with discrete firing modules that can be floor or truss mounted.

Our versatile Hurricane Confetti Guns use a CO2 backpack to create powerful blasts of confetti to 20m with a fully portable launcher and preloaded cartridges for speedy reloads.

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