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StadiumShot III Confetti & Streamer Cannon Hire

StadiumShot III Confetti & Streamer Cannon

The StadiumShot III is primarily designed for outdoor events such as festivals where a large, single shot of confetti and/or streamers is required. Positioned in the pit at the front of the stage, StadiumShot III’s will create an instantaneous wall of colour, firing confetti up to 25 metres and streamers up to 40 metres on the push of a button.

Given the power of this cannon, safety is paramount, so the system incorporates a key operated ARM controller and e-stop to comply with the latest regulations.

Another clever design feature is the built-in compressor. To charge the integral tank, simply push a button and the tank will charge to the pre-selected pressure.

This feature lends itself to theatre installations where a repeat shot of confetti is required on consecutive days. Indoor use is subject to tests, venue size and a lower pressure setting.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 600mm L x 400mm W x 870mm H
Weight: 86kg
Performance: Single shot
Duration of effect: Confetti can continue to fall for over a minute and drift on the wind depending on conditions
Distance: Confetti up to 25 metres. Streamers up to 40 metres
Power: 240V (1.5A)
Positioning: Floor
Consumption: Tissue confetti - up to 3kg per barrel.
Streamers - dependant on size
Additional info: Control is via DMX or 24V pyro controller. To save on cabling we can supply a DMX injector lead to send the signal down the same RJ45 cable as the ARM controller

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