Dazzle with metallic confetti

Confetti raises the excitement and energy level like nothing else, so don’t just leave it to the grand finale. With our Turbo Confetti Blasters, you can repeat the effect as many times as you like. Your audience will scream for more every time and you can always keep our unique bio metallic silver confetti ‘til last to make the finale dazzlingly different.

Shoot for the stars

T-shirt guns were made for big arena crowds, and a huge festival audience is no different. Your sponsor can now reach out to the audience in between acts as the stage is re-set for the next. Armed with our cannons, your promo staff can entertain whilst getting your product or message into the hands of your target audience in a fun and memorable way.

Time to clean up!

Feeling a little grubby after 3 days in a field? Our Jet Foam cannons can shoot a stream of foam to over 10 metres. Mount them on a vehicle and you have a mobile foam bath. OK, it might not get you clean, but it’s a whole lot of fun!

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