The original slow-fall confetti.

Jumbo Tissue Confetti

Jumbo Tissue Confetti

Nothing says celebration better than a cascade of coloured confetti!

Our slow-fall Jumbo Confetti is designed to flutter and spin as it falls, surrounding your guests and involving them in the emotion and spectacle of the moment.

Our tissue confetti is supplied by the kilo and stacked in blocks for easy throwing or loading into cannons. It is flame retardant, biodegradable and colourfast and measures 20mm x 50mm.

This is the confetti that you will see at all the major sports events, TV shows and stage productions.

Tissue Confetti Colours 1
Tissue Confetti Colours 2
Tissue Confetti Colours 3
Tissue Confetti Colours 4
Tissue Confetti Colours 5
Tissue Confetti Colours 6
Tissue Confetti Colours 7

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