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Turbo Confetti Blaster Hire

Turbo Confetti Blaster

Our Turbo Confetti Blasters are the latest addition to our range of confetti cannons, offering green event organisers a number of advantages over traditional CO2 Confetti Blasters. The Turbo Confetti Blasters are fan powered, giving an unlimited duration of blasting, they are DMX controlled allowing remote operation with variable power and, by not using CO2 cylinders, a much lower carbon footprint.

They are supplied with an easy-feed hopper so all your confetti can be prepared and stored in the machine ready for use and swivel bases to pan the effect over a wide area.

They are the perfect Festival Confetti Cannon as they can be used repeatedly throughout the event without having to store large quantities of heavy cylinders.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 560mm L x 790mm W x 2190mm H
Weight: 50kg
Performance: Continuous flow
Duration of effect: As long as required – subject to supply of confetti
Distance: Up to 25 metres
Power: 240V (12.5A)
Positioning: Floor
Consumption: Tissue – 5 kg per minute. Metallic – 10 kg per minute (average rate)
Additional info: Turbo Confetti Blasters do not produce the plume of white vapour associated with the CO2 Confetti Blasters. This can be a great advantage when filming as the shot appears cleaner without the distraction of the CO2 jet. Rated IP55 for outdoor use

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