Hire the UK’s biggest Foam Cannons for the Ultimate in Foam Party Fun.

Jet Foam Cannon Hire

Jet Foam Cannon Hire

Jet Foam Cannons are the biggest foam cannons available. They can shoot a continuous stream of fluffy white foam up to 10 metres with the awesome capacity to bury your audience under a blanket of bubbles at a rate of 120 cubic metres of foam per machine per minute!

As you would expect, we only use foam fluid that is cosmetically tested to be safe for kids of all ages to jump around in and it’s kind to the environment too.

No festival should be without them, but don’t just stop there…Add a foam frenzy to your next fun run, beach party, club night or experiential stunt – let your imagination run wild and the foam cannons add the fun!

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 560mm L x 790mm W x 2110mm H
Weight: 78kg
Performance: Continuous flow
Duration of effect: As long as required – subject to supply of foam fluid
Distance: Up to 10 metres
Power: 240V (13A)
Positioning: Floor
Consumption: 200 litres of foam fluid per 4 minutes creates 200m³ of foam
Additional info: Jet foams can be mounted on swivel bases to sweep the effect over a wide area

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