Whenever a sponsor wants to get the attention of a crowd, send in the team and get those freebies flying.

T-Shirt Launcher Hire

T-Shirt Launcher Hire

Originally designed for launching T-Shirts into the crowd at football matches, T-shirt Cannons can now be found at a wide range of events from parades to festivals.

It doesn't just have to be T-shirts. Anything soft or light will do. Stress balls, baseball caps, bags of sweets, soft toys, vouchers and, of course, confetti and streamers.

The distance is variable from 3m to a staggering 100m so even the guys at the back can be included!

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: Barrel 90mm W x 300mm L (640mm overall)
Weight: 3kg
Performance: Multiple shots
Duration of effect: N/A
Distance: Up to 100m
Power: Compressed CO2
Contents: N/A

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