Shower the winning team in confetti

The photos of the winning team surrounded by confetti may look a million dollars, but it doesn’t have to cost that. Our cost effective remote-control cannons can be lifted into position and ready to go in seconds. The de-rig is just as quick and if you need a speedy clean-up too, just replace the confetti with streamers and you can wrap them around your arm in a matter of minutes.

Shoot the winning kit into the crowd

You could be forgiven for thinking that T-shirt guns are just for shooting T-shirts. Flags are a great alternative for a team sponsor to welcome your team onto the pitch with a sea of flag-waving supporters.

Fire flames sky high

If you’ve just been promoted, you’ll be wanting to shout about it. Our team can give your team the VIP treatment with confetti blasters on the victory tour bus, an avenue of pyrotechnic fountains as they walk onto the pitch and flame projectors sending fire balls rolling into the sky to accompanying volleys of pyrotechnic comets and mines in team colours from behind the winner’s podium.

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