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Stadium Confetti Blaster Hire

Stadium Confetti Blaster

These high-power Stadium Confetti Blasters give you ultimate control to create massive effects on the push of a button.

Designed with festivals and stadium shows in mind, the Stadium Confetti Blasters give you a number of impressive advantages over the traditional, manual blasters.

Firstly, the machines can be remotely controlled by DMX to give you simultaneous control over as many machines as required. Secondly, they auto-feed, so you do not need an operator with each machine. The result is a slick, professional effect with uniform dispersal over a wide area.

With each machine capable of holding up to 10kg of confetti, Stadium Confetti Blasters have the potential to deliver a wave of confetti to impress and excite even the largest crowds.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 800mm L x 600mm W x 1730mm H (1000mm closed)
Weight: 85kg
Performance: Continuous flow
Duration of effect: Up to 90 seconds
Distance: Up to 25 metres
Power: CO2 gas
Positioning: Floor
Consumption: Confetti – 10 kg per minute
Additional info: For smaller events, we can use quarter size CO2 cylinders for an impressive 20 second blast with 3kg of confetti per machine

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