Golden ticket confetti competition

As the award ceremony concludes and the evening turns to a more informal affair, fire another shot of confetti, courtesy of the main sponsor, mixed with a number of golden tickets entitling the holder to a bottle of bubbly.

Rock out with pyrotechnics

Pyrotechnics are a thrilling addition to any event, but couple that with a bit of fun and you have a surprise that the guests just won’t see coming. We built pyrotechnic fountains into the neck of a guitar, so when the CEO of a very well-known company took to the stage in his black rock wig, he could fire jets of silver sparks as he strutted to ‘We Are The Champions’.

Light up the red carpet

Make a good first impression and give your guests the full red-carpet treatment. We’ll line either side of the carpet with an avenue of elegant Olympic Gas Torches leading to two of our exclusive Tripod Gas Flambeaux, branded with the company’s logo and welcome message.

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