Have a blast

CO2 jets tick so many boxes in terms of safety and versatility. As well as an attention-grabbing roar when they fire, they are safe in close proximity, they can be fired up to enhance an entrance or down to mask a reveal. They are repeatable, work indoors and out and there are hand held versions to shoot into the audience at club nights. How will you use yours?

A Christmas flurry of snow

Snow Machines – the strong, silent type. Your Christmas Party will take on a whole new feel as your guests arrive amid a flurry of snow. Or maybe you have a Christmas Shopping Festival – with our 200 litre tanks and Turbo Snow machines, we can fill a high street for as long as you need, with happy shoppers snapping selfies full of festive cheer.

The sky is the limit!

Cannons shooting one million petals, stage pyro in a cave deep inside the rock of Gibraltar, bras filled with explosives, confetti cannons in a giant piñata bottom or maybe T-shirt guns loaded with marshmallows and Wotsits. We get asked to do some very strange things. Whatever your idea, ask! We love the challenge of something new.

To WOW, thrill, dazzle and excite at your next event,
just add a touch of Confetti Magic...

bringing live events alive!

No matter what your needs we are sure that here at Confetti Magic we already have it covered.
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