Highly effective faux-snow from a flurry to a blizzard and no clean-up.

Pro Snow Machines Hire

Pro Snow Machine

Our Pro Snow Machines use a specially formulated fluid to create a continuous flurry of snow for up to 40 minutes from one 5 litre bottle.

Best mounted on a tripod or pointing out of a window, the snow is projected 10m over your guests to create a beautifully convincing snow scene.

Adjustment is available on the machine to set a gentle flurry to a full-on blizzard and bigger fluid reservoirs are available for longer duration running.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 580mm L x 450mm W x 530mm H
Weight: 8kg (excluding snow fluid)
Performance: Continuous
Duration of effect: Up to a day depending on the size of the reservoir
Distance: 10m (much further when used outdoors in a breeze)
Power: 240V (4.2A)
Positioning: Stage or stand
Additional info: Snow fluid is formulated to be non-toxic, non-staining and biodegradable. Units are rated IP44 for use outdoors

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