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Custom Gas Flambeaux Hire

Custom Gas Flambeaux

For the ultimate in event branding, we have invented the Banner Flambeaux. We can custom print banners that attach to the front of the flambeaux to give a 2m high panel to welcome your guests, advertise your brand or match a theme with Christmas Trees, Halloween Ghosts or the bride and groom’s names to name but a few.

At night, the flambeaux take on a fantastic new look with LED lights to illuminate the banner and make your message really shine.

These are a simple and eye-catching innovation that make a statement in a new and highly effective way and stand to become an essential at live events, parties and celebrations.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: Bowl - 420mm. Base - 1280mm. Height - 2380mm max
Weight: 9.8 kg (excluding gas cylinder)
Performance: Continuous
Duration of effect: Up to 11 hours
Flame Height: Up to 300mm
Power: N/A
Positioning: Ground
Fuel: Propane
Additional info: Propane size 'B' cylinders can be purchased from many garages, from BOC or direct from us by arrangement

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