Icy blasts of smoke to thrill and chill your audience.

CO2 Guns Hire

CO2 Guns

CO2 Guns are a hand held effect primarily used in night clubs by performers and dancers to add a powerful visual dimension to the show. Pulling the trigger fires an intense jet of white CO2 vapour up to 8 metres into the crowd creating the excitement and atmosphere of an Ibiza superclub.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 210mm W x 710mm L x 70mm H
Weight: 3kg
Performance: Multiple shots – typically up to 5 seconds
Duration of effect: Up to 80 seconds continuous from one cylinder
Distance: 8m
Power: N/A
Positioning: Hand held
Additional info: The gun comes with a 3m hose to attach to the CO2 cylinder. Hose extensions are available plus adaptors to run two guns off one cylinder

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