Party on...

You have the perfect confetti shot set up for the first dance, but the fun doesn’t have to stop there. For a little more you can buy more cartridges or more loose confetti and repeat the effect for the cake cutting, bride and groom’s arrival or for the final, floor-filling, end of night anthem.

A warm welcome for guests

Present your guests with a warm welcome to the reception with two Gas Flambeaux standing elegantly, either side of the entrance. For the ultimate in personalisation, we can dress the Flambeaux with custom printed covers displaying the bride and groom’s names.

Dancing on cloud nine

Hire the experts to create a blanket of gently flowing dry-ice mist over the dance floor to give the illusion that you are dancing on cloud nine.

To WOW, thrill, dazzle and excite at your next event,
just add a touch of Confetti Magic...

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