The wash-away confetti that dissolves in water!

BioFetti Biodegradable Confetti

BioFetti Biodegradable Confetti

BioFetti is made from ultra thin rice paper. Not only does it hang in the air longer than any other confetti, but when it lands on the ground, it will begin to dissolve on contact with water and be completely gone in no time at all. Simply leave it to Mother Nature, of if you can’t wait a couple of days, then a hose will wash it away in minutes.

BioFetti Biodegradable Confetti is available separately in red, blue, green, yellow or white to mix in any combination you like.

Please note, BioFetti is not flame retardant - only use outdoors. BioFetti starts to dissolve on contact with water - only use in dry conditions, never in the rain. BioFetti becomes slippery as it dissolves. It is best used on grass, roads and beaches. Avoid use on smooth surfaces.


BioFetti Biodegradable Confetti Colours 1
BioFetti Biodegradable Confetti Colours 2

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