Whether from a truss or stage, BigShots never fail to deliver a stunning display.

BigShot Streamer and Confetti Cannon Hire

BigShot Streamer & Confetti Cannon

BigShot Confetti Cannons are used to add impact at a key moment in the production. Ideal for large stage shows, concerts and tours, they produce a stunning, Instantaneous shot of confetti and/or streamers for a real surprise factor.

They can be positioned in remote areas of a stage set or lighting truss and triggered from a central control point, firing the confetti with a built in charge of compressed air.

The units are recharged using a compressor making them very cost effective to run.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 205mm L x 410mm W x 610mm H
Weight: 23 kg
Performance: Single shot
Duration of effect: Instantaneous, but confetti can continue to fall for up to 25 seconds
Distance: Up to 15 metres (confetti). Up to 30m (streamers)
Power: Compressed air & 240V (<1A)
Positioning: Floor or truss
Consumption: Per shot (2 barrels), tissue ½ kg, metallic 1 kg, streamers x 80
Additional info: The pressure of the air cylinder can be varied to match the power of the shot to the size of the venue

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