The large calibre barrels and endless air supply make the Triple Barrelled Cannon the easiest to load and fire all day long.

Triple Barrelled Confetti Cannon Hire

Triple Barrelled Confetti Cannon

The advantage of these units is that each barrel can be independently fired from a remote location, allowing the effect to be repeated 3 times at various points throughout the event.

The 85mm barrels can also be used to fire promotional goods such as logobugs or T-shirts.

When connected to a permanent air supply, the unit can be fired numerous times, limited only by the size of the air cylinder and the amount of ammunition.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 800mm L x 300mm W x 1280mm H
Weight: 18kg
Performance: 3 separate shots
Duration of effect: Instantaneous, but confetti can continue to fall for up to 25 seconds per shot
Distance: Up to 15 metres (confetti). Up to 30m (streamers)
Power: Compressed air & 240V (<1A)
Positioning: Floor
Consumption: Tissue/metallic 1.5 kg (½ kg per barrel)
Additional info: We frequently use these in parades where we need 50+ shots throughout the day

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