Centenary of two-minute silence

Centenary of two-minute silence

Saturday 2 April, 2016

Confetti Magic produced custom cut confetti figures to represent the fallen, creating a moving and poignant moment before the crowds fell silent for two minutes, marking the anniversary of the first two minute silence in Farnham, 100 years ago.

Using our Turbo Confetti Blasters, we were able to create the gentle flutter of falling confetti required to mark the occasion in a respectful way. Two confetti cannons were positioned behind the stage, with an additional two from shop windows further up Castle Street to ensure that everyone experienced the confetti falling around them.

With all the cannons controlled by DMX from one point, we were able to bring in the confetti at the precise point in the music, continue for two minutes as the choir sang and fade it back out again at the end, ready for the two minute silence.

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