PoliNations hire bubble machines to fill Victoria Square

PoliNations hire bubble machines to fill Victoria Square

Saturday 17 September, 2022

Victoria Square in Birmingham’s city centre was to host a programme of poetry, music and light set in a natural wonderland of trees and flowers. Confetti Magic’s involvement was to include confetti & streamer cannons, Holi powder cannons, snow machines and bubbles machines to run throughout the event and create a stunning climax to the final party.

At the centre of the PoliNations event, were 5 towering tree structures constructed from a metal frame and lit from within by colour changing lights. The canopy of the trees featured fabric sails designed to channel rainwater to the base of the structures where it could be used to water the flowerbeds and woodland.

Sadly, as the event was to open to the public, Queen Elizabeth II passed away and all events in the UK were put on hold.

As the event was reimagined to provide a place where people could come together for reflection and contemplation, Confetti Magic’s input was revised to fill the space with bubbles and add a layer of serenity as visitors walked around the meandering paths.

The brief was to have the bubbles appear from within the trees and bushes throughout the site at random times. Using 10 bubble machines on stands, linked to timers, we could set the machines to automatically switch on and off. This had the effect of keeping people moving as the machines switched off and bubbles appeared from somewhere else.

As night fell, the site took on a magical feel with a sound and light show. Colours washed up and down the structures as gentle sound effects complimented the changing lightscape.

The bubbles also took on a completely different feel as they appeared to glow in the night sky whilst drifting and swirling through the trees.

The success of the event was evident by the number of visitors in their thousands who took the time to investigate, interact and relax in the beautifully laid out gardens.

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