Streamers’ a hit at The Francis Crick

Streamers’ a hit at The Francis Crick

Wednesday 9 November, 2016

A unique and once-in-a-lifetime event took place to celebrate the opening of the iconic Francis Crick Institute on Wednesday 9th November.

Confetti Magic were invited to provide a finale to this momentous event.

Following the Royal Opening, attended by The Queen, the VIPs and dignitaries were taken into the main building to attend a reception with entertainment provided by bands, musicians and soloists positioned around the various levels and bridges within the central space.

A full-stop was required as the music built to a crescendo, but confetti was out, given the vast amount of delicate equipment housed in the numerous laboratories. Streamers were the obvious choice for an easy clean-up whilst still creating a visual spectacle.

As caballed system was not possible as all the cannons were to be positioned in public areas and the area to be covered was over 100m long and spread over 5 floors.

We positioned truss stands around the building to mount remote control cannons, with the barrels pointing out, over the floors below. Following tests to check range and continuity, we left everything in situ to return the following day for the event.

A building lock-down was put in place from early morning, so we arrived in plenty of time, switched everything on and waited.

On cue, we pushed the button and fired over 500 purple and silver streamers over the guests to a cheer and applause.

As usual, the streamers were quickly gathered up by the guests, wrapped around themselves and worn as necklaces and scarves. 

Watch the video HERE!

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