Professional snow effects at the touch of a button.

Snow Machine Hire

Snow Machine Hire

Everything you need for instant snow contained in one flight case. Simply top up with water, plug in the power and off you go.

The 10 metre hose allows you the flexibility to mount the projection head on a tripod stand (not included) or out of a window to gain maximum height and maximum effect.

The control panel provides control over the fan strength, flake size and density of the snow. Simply dial in the settings for a light flurry or a complete white-out - and a hand-held remote allows you to switch the snow on and off as required.

We’ve researched the best snow fluid around to ensure that the fluffy, white flakes will drift on the wind for 10s of metres and include as many people in the fun as possible.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 590mm L x 550mm W x 600mm H
Weight: 31kg
Performance: Continuous flow
Duration of effect: Up to 60 minutes per fill (25 litre capacity)
Distance: Initial 5 metres with 10s of metres possible with a wind blowing
Power: 240V (6.7A)
Positioning: Flat surface with 10m flexible hose to direct the effect
Consumption: 5 litres of snow concentrate = 25 litres diluted = Up to 60 minutes of continuous use
Additional info: External DMX control is also available for both fluid flow rate (density of effect) and fan speed (projection distance)

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