A truly unique effect with vivid colours to enchant and delight your guests.

Colour Tiki Torches Hire

Colour Tiki Torches

Now you can enhance and theme the outdoor areas of events with red, blue, green and yellow coloured flame torches.

Giving new life to traditional oil torches, the coloured flames allow you to compliment corporate colours or just add a highly unusual twist to your event.

The torch oil comes in pre-filled cans, complete with wick and fit directly into standard Tiki Torch bamboo holders (not included).

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 1480mm H x 90mm W
Weight: 0.5kg
Performance: Continuous
Duration of effect: Up to 3 hours
Flame Height: Up to 75mm
Power: N/A
Positioning: Ground
Fuel: Colour torch oil
Additional info: Bamboo Tiki Torches can be purchased from most garden centres or eBay

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