Striking steel stands and large coloured flames - perfect for highlighting key features of your event.

Giant Oil Torches Hire

Giant Oil Torches

Standing 2.1m high, the giant flame torches make a grand statement when standing either side of the red carpet at the entrance to your event.

You could also arrange them to illuminate features in the ground of the venue or signpost the bars at a garden party.

The large oil lamp on top holds 1.8 litres of oil which will fuel the double wicks for up to 3 hours. The stands have weighted bases for use on any flat surface.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 2100mm H x 450mm W (@ the base)
Weight: 15.2kg (excluding oil)
Performance: Continuous
Duration of effect: Up to 3 hours
Flame Height: Up to 200mm
Power: N/A
Positioning: Ground
Fuel: Lamp oil
Additional info: Combine these Giant Oil Torches with Olympic Torches and Flambeaux to illuminate your event on different levels

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