Tuesday 17 November, 2015

Confetti Magic are excited and proud to announce the creation of the World’s first fully biodegradable metallic confetti - BioFetti™

Managing Director, Ian Woodroof says ’after years of development, we finally have a product that can compete with standard PVC metallic confetti in terms of both look and performance. With its highly reflective mirrored surface, event organisers can now create the same dazzling glitter effects outdoors that would have previously only been possible indoors, where you can clean up every piece’.

Although BioFetti™ was developed to satisfy the demands of an increasing number of festivals to ‘leave no trace’, the results are so good that BioFetti™ will appeal to anyone that wants to improve the eco-credentials of their event, indoors or out.

BioFetti™ is certified as compostable so will naturally break down in the environment over time, yet it does not dissolve in water, so can be used in any weather conditions that the British festival season can throw at it!

Currently available in silver, additional colours will be added to the range as demand increases.

Take a look at the impressive list of credentials and give Confetti Magic a call on 01582723502 to discuss your next project.

  • Certified as compostable in both home and industrial composting environments.
  • Suitable for anaerobic digestion.
  • Based on renewable resources.
  • Flammability tested to EN71-2 (Pass).
  • More pieces per kilo than standard metallic - 25 microns thick compared to 125 micron PVC.
  • Controlled slip characteristics.
  • Inherent anti-static properties.

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