CO2 jets at IM3 Premiere

CO2 jets at IM3 Premiere

Thursday 18 April, 2013

Confetti Magic provided the CO2 jets to add the spectacle to the spectacular.

When Robert Downey Jr. arrives at the premiere of Iron Man 3, it just has to be big.

In true Tony Stark style, he rose from beneath the stage amid 8 metre plumes of smoke to the surprise of both press and fans.

6 + 8 x CO2 = WOW

With 6 CO2 jets on the stage and another 8 jets on the canopy of the cinema, the effect was truly stunning.

Following the entrance, the canopy CO2 jets were used as each star was announced onto the red carpet.

CO2 jet tech

CO2 jets require a large supply of liquid CO2 to create the effect. A single cylinder is connected to each jet. This will provide 60 seconds of continuous effect, or numerous pulses.

Each cylinder weighs 100kg, so access and positioning needs to be considered. On this show, all the cylinders had to be positioned on the ground and the CO2 piped up to the jets on the canopy.

Smaller cylinders are available, but only give 20 seconds of effect. This was sufficient for the CO2 jets on the stage, so the smaller cylinders could be easily hidden beneath the stage.

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