T-shirt gun fun

T-shirt gun fun

Saturday 16 March, 2013

If you were asked to name a celebrity who, given a T shirt gun, definitely wouldn't misuse it and fire salad at his guests, then it's unlikely that you would say Jonathan Ross.

The Jonathan Ross Show hired two T-shirt guns to replicate a news story where Mexican drug runners were using air cannons to fire packets over the border. Wossy loaded up the T-shirt launcher with bag of salad to create a 'rocket launcher' and fired it into the green room. He then reloaded with pepperoni, a tin of tomatoes and flour, which miraculously formed a cooked pizza in mid air before being caught by Matt Smith.


Of course, we don't recommend that you try anything like this without extensive testing and discussing with us first, but it goes to show that whatever you are planning for your next event and however ridiculous the idea may seem, it's well worth giving us a call to discuss. We'll do our best to find a way to make it happen.

Our T-shirt guns are capable of firing a wide range of promotional items such as beanie hats, stress balls and logo bugs; even hot-dogs.

We do, however, get asked whether they are capable of firing other items. The simple answer is yes, they will fire pretty much anything you put down the barrel, but we then need to ask ourselves, how safe is it going to be?

And now for something completely different

When we were approached to supply a T-shirt gun for a pantomime in which Biggins was to fire sweets into the audience, we decided the best thing to do was to give it a go. Armed with a Bleacher Reacher Pro, a bag of marshmallows and a team of eager office staff, we headed into the field. The result was a huge success. The office staff were instantly turned into a bunch of screaming kids as they grabbed the sweets from the air whilst being hit by others with no damage, apart from to their image.

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