Kylie Minogue On The Graham Norton Television Show

Graham Norton Confetti Swirl Fan Case Study

Wednesday 11 November, 2020

With a stunning sequin dress and retro disco vibe, Kylie Minogue delights viewers with a sparkling performance of her latest release, Magic, with a little help from Confetti Magic

So Television, producers of The Graham Norton Television Show, contacted Confetti Magic to provide a glittering confetti finale to Kylie’s performance on the show.

Filming was to take place in Studio 1 at Television Centre. With equipment to be suspended from trusses, our crew would have to get in before the rest of the set was built so it could be lifted out of the way.

The brief was to create a cascade of silver to accompany the last chorus of the song.

With a focus on sustainability, the first question was ‘is the confetti biodegradable’? Thankfully, our new BioGlitter Confetti ticked that box and the discussion could move onto how best to create the desired effect.

The set design was sent over along with a request that the confetti cascade through a hole in the suspended ceiling first and then fill the foreground.

An arrangement of one Swirl Fan suspended above the hole and two on an upstage truss gave us the necessary format, with separate dimmers controlling the single and paired Swirl Fans.

With a quick test of the confetti in rehearsals, the output level was agreed and set with a delay between the single and pair to ensure that firstly Kylie was surrounded by confetti before the dancers.

Swirl Fans are the perfect choice for film and TV work with near silent operation. Dimmers provide control over the output, allowing fine adjustment from a gentle flurry to a torrent of confetti, with repeatability for rehearsals, retakes and fill-ins.

When it came to filming, Kylie dazzled with lights reflecting off the myriad of sequins. The music score had been marked with the cue points while talkback provided a countdown to ensure that the confetti was triggered at the right moment. Time was allowed for the confetti to fall into shot so the cue was set at two bars before the start of the chorus.

The cameras were ready to catch the moment as a cascade of glittering silver surrounded Kylie, spot on cue.

With the front pair of Swirl Fans now faded up, the stage was filled with glitter to include the dancers until the end of the song.

With everyone happy, we were done in one take and Kylie joined the other guests back on stage.

To watch Kylie on The Graham Norton Television Show, click HERE

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