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How To Add A Touch Of Confetti Magic To Your Christmas Cards or Video Message

Thursday 8 October, 2020

This Christmas, as an alternative to traditional Christmas Crackers, try Confetti Cannons!

The sad truth is, it is unlikely that we will be celebrating the build-up to Christmas at our usual Christmas Parties with friends, family or colleagues. However, just because things are a little different this year, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t celebrate. Far from it! Let’s share the love with those that we’re unable to see in person. 

By sending a video message of love, hope and support you will reassure them that we will get through this and 2021 should be a whole lot better.

And, if you can put a smile on their faces too, that’s a great gift everyone will appreciate. 

Injecting some fun into the video is where we can help with either a flurry of snow falling around you or signing off with confetti cannons to say ‘Merry Christmas to one and all’ in style.

Hand-held confetti cannons

Confetti cannons are quite simply the easiest and most effective way of turning any moment into a celebration. 

At the end of your message, reach for your confetti cannon and with a twist and a pop, you are instantly surrounded by a cascade of swirling colour.

We can load them with a festive mix of red and green, a frosty combination of white and light blue or if it’s a corporate message you’re recording to your loyal workforce, your company colours.

Available in three sizes; small, medium and large, shooting confetti to 8m, 10m and 12 metres respectively, our pro-performance confetti cannons are guaranteed to create an impact and give your video a happy ending.

Small confetti cannons start from £6.95 + P&P, custom loaded in your choice of colours.

MiniFlow Faux-Snow

Our MiniFlow Confetti Cannon is designed to create a gentle, slow fall of confetti. Using a fan, the faux-snow is drawn through a tube and shot up to 8 metres. The machine comes with a tripod stand to elevate the effect above people’s heads so the snow looks like it’s falling from above.

Simply switch it on and feed the snow into the machine for as long as you want. The snow confetti comes in ½ kg bags, with a bag lasting around a minute.

If you would like to add a touch of magic to your message, we can supply silver or gold glitter instead of snow for a shimmering cascade of sparkling lights.

Prices start from £135 + vat, including delivery and collection.

Confetti Christmas Cards

Our small confetti cannons are the perfect size to cover your family in confetti for a personalized Christmas card. Pop on your Christmas jumpers, launch the confetti and snap a photo for a fun and unique image to adorn the front of your cards.

Our large confetti cannons shoot confetti up to 12 metres, so if you are looking to take a photo of your company team for an office Christmas card, whilst socially distancing of course, confetti is the perfect solution to filling the frame with festive cheer.

Fire your cannons in pairs from either side of the shot and the confetti will fill the air for fabulous photos every time.

Large confetti cannons start from £14.95 + P&P, custom loaded in your choice of colours.

Once you have your photo, you can upload it to one of many card printing sites like for small numbers or for larger quantities.

Socially Distanced Office Christmas Celebration

Confetti Cannons are the perfect way to get the party started in a fun and safe way. Whether you put a small cannon on each desk for everyone to fire at the same time or the CEO kicks things off with a large confetti cannon fired across the office, the result is the same – everyone is covered in cascade of colour, signaling it’s time to have some fun and enjoy the Christmas spirit.

Whatever colour mix you want, we can custom load the cannons to match company colours, anniversary colours, theme colours or just a vibrant mix of rainbow colours to spread a message of positivity and cheer.

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