What is the best confetti cannon?

What is the best confetti cannon?

Wednesday 29 April, 2020

Helpful tips on choosing the perfect confetti cannon for your wedding or party.

The best confetti cannon is one that is:

  1. Reliable - It just has to work at the big moment!
  2. Impressive - When it comes to confetti cannons, size is everything! 
  3. Biodegradable - Watch out for the plastic shiny stuff - it’s not biodegradable!
  4. Personalised - It doesn’t have to be multicolour. Choose your colour mix to compliment your theme.

If you’re planning your wedding or a big birthday later this year, here are a few guidelines to help you decide which confetti cannon is best for you.

Hand-held Confetti Cannons

Simple and highly effective. Weddings are all about people, so why not ask your bridesmaids and ushers to fire the cannons for you? We can custom fill the cannons to match your wedding colour scheme and offer a wide range of biodegradable confetti options for use both indoors and out. Customised cannons start from £6.95 each plus P&P.

Remote Control Confetti Cannons

When you want to create a real surprise, our remote control confetti cannons are the perfect solution. They are fully wireless and battery powered, so no need for any cables. Simply set them in position and push the button on the remote control for a stunning burst of confetti to wow your guests and create the perfect photo opportunity. Prices start from £144 for a pair of cannons including delivery and collection.

LED Confetti Fountain

When you have limited space or would like a more sustained cascade of confetti, our LED Confetti Fountains will do the job effortlessly. Gently lifting a cloud of confetti into the air for 30 seconds, they create a softer effect than the cannons and the confetti will flow around your venue whether you have a low ceiling or you’re in a tipi. Prices start from £150 including delivery and collection.

Once you’ve decided on the best confetti launcher for you, next you need to choose the confetti. Confetti Magic has the widest range of Biodegradable Tissue Confetti colours and all our confetti shooters can be loaded with any colour mix for a truly personal touch.

As well as tissue confetti, we also have BioFetti Water Soluble Confetti for use outdoors at sensitive venues, BioGlitter Biodegradable Metallic Confetti for use indoors or out and traditional Metallic Confetti for a burst of glitter indoors only.

Now that you have the confetti cannon sorted, the colours matched and the confetti type chosen, you just need to decide when to use them.

The first dance is the most popular moment. With all eyes on you, a colourful burst of confetti creates the perfect end to your dance and signals to all your guests it’s time for them to join you on the dance floor.

But why leave it there? There are plenty of other opportunities throughout the day. Custom coloured confetti cannons at the end of the ceremony, heart confetti cannons as you cut the cake and glitter cannons for a sparkling finale as you leave at the end of the night. 

Confetti Magic also has experienced crew on hand to add a wealth of other effects to your wedding to make it a truly memorable occasion. We have Gas Torches to illuminate driveways and paths, Gas Flambeaux to mark the entrance to the venue, Bubble Machines - great for kids to burn off some energy between the wedding breakfast and evening reception, Dry Ice Machines to cover the dance floor in a blanket of white smoke, LED Lighting to illuminate the grounds of the venue and Spark Streams to create dazzling jets of sparks indoors.

To add a touch of Confetti Magic to your wedding, call us on 01582 723502 or email info@confettimagic.com.

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