B&Q celebrate their 50th anniversary with a volley of black an orange confetti cannons

Happy Birthday B&Q!

Wednesday 6 March, 2019

Founded by Richard Block and David Quayle in 1969, B&Q has now been a well-recognised brand at retail parks across the country for 50 years now.

Confetti Magic were asked to attend a full staff briefing at their headquarters in Eastleigh, Hampshire to provide a ‘hit’ of confetti to mark the moment a special 50th Birthday cake was cut by the wife of the late David Quale who was one of the founders of the company.

The incredible HQ office space is set on three floors with balconies overlooking a central atrium. The unusual style of meeting meant that staff attending were filling staircases and the balcony areas, so rigging confetti around these spaces was not really an option.

Instead, we positioned eight of our remote control cannons at ground level around the central podium, angled in such a way that they would not be a danger to staff standing at the higher levels, but would send the confetti high into the large open space.

Our cannons were custom loaded with a mix of black and orange tissue confetti to match B&Q’s corporate colours, with a touch of gold to add a celebratory feel.

Accompanied by a resounding cheer, the eight remote controlled confetti cannons simultaneously fired a wave of confetti, 12m into the air before cascading slowly over the employees.

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