Biofetti fills the air at end of year school send off

Hillcross Primary School end of year send off

Wednesday 1 August, 2018

Year 6 leavers at Hillcross Primary School in Surrey had a colourful send off at the end of term using our wireless confetti cannons and fully bio-degradable confetti.

In recent years, it has been tradition for the school to release helium balloons into the air for the children to mark the end of term and move up to secondary school. This year, the school wanted to be more environmentally friendly so as an alternative, hired a pair of our remote control cannons. Filled with our fully water soluble Biofetti, two pairs of electric cartridges were used to create two bursts of colour during their celebrations.

“ with helium balloons you only have 1 photo opportunity. The children and parents had 2 lots of fun..... they all loved it!”

Our Biofetti is starch based and dissolves on contact with water making it perfect for use outside. Despite the current lack of rain staff are content that when it does arrive, the confetti will be gone without trace.

“These confetti guns were absolutely brilliant and whilst we've had no rain everyone was so impressed at the idea and the fact that the confetti will disappear in due course.”

Our wireless units are hired in pairs. They are compact, quickly reloadable and can be used indoors or out. Position them either side of a stage or hide them behind scenery to add a surprise element to your event. They are also available in multishot versions allowing up to eight shots to be fired without having to reload and we can fill them with any colour combination of confetti, streamers or shapes to match your theme or colour scheme.

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