Massive blast of confetti fills the room

Stadium Confetti Blasters in action

Stadium Confetti Blasters - Get The Party Started

Monday 12 February, 2018

We love it when a client comes to us who is as passionate about confetti as we are.

We were given the job of filling Hall 3 of The ICC for the Wesleyian Awards with a storm of confetti that would include everyone in the fun.

With a room diameter of up to 50m, that’s a lot of space to fill and there was only one machine that was up to the job – Stadium Confetti Blasters.

Powered by CO2 gas, they have the strength to push confetti up to 25 metres and are DMX operated to give us control over all the machines simultaneously.

We positioned the blasters equidistant around the balcony, with the funnels angled over the guests below. On a given cue, we fired a shot of streamers from twelve Powershot cannons, followed by a torrent of confetti as the band took to the stage.

The four confetti cannons automatically blasted a massive 40kg of confetti in 60 seconds, signalling the start of the party in spectacular style and setting the scene for a fantastic night ahead.

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