Celebrity Juice Cannons

Celebrity Juice redefine Fast Food

Holly, Fern, Toff and Russell take aim at Gino and Chris

The teams are armed and ready

Testing, testing...

Test shots to make sure we are safe for the live show

Celebrity Mousse

Thursday 22 March, 2018

With the start of a new series and the show going out live, the producers of Celebrity Juice were keen to kick off, quite literally, with all guns blazing.

As frequent users of our T-shirt guns, they asked us, ‘what else have you got’?

Knowing what they were likely to do with them, i.e. fill them with a revolting mix of the sloppiest food they could find, I was at first slightly reluctant to give them my nice new Hurricane Guns. After a bit of persuading and assurances that they would return them after a thorough clean, I agreed.

They took them away for some tests and loved them. Thankfully, they opted for Wotsits and loaded them up to create clouds of cheesy orange dust, more reminiscent Holi Powder on the Colour Run than a savoury snack.

My fears for the T-shirt Guns were confirmed as they spooned in Beef Wellington, mash and broccoli. That actually turned out to be quite palatable compared to the salmon mousse and caviar that followed.

Finally, they wanted a big finale, or dessert as they called it. Super Massive Turbo Nuclear Launchers to be precise, or Triple Barrelled Cannons as we know them.

In went the trifle, jelly, strawberries, bananas, chocolate gateaux and cream. Luckily for Gino and Chris, the cannons were only pressurised to half their usual power as in our tests, we’d nearly knocked a hole in the back wall with them on full power!

In the show, everything went perfectly to plan providing your copy of the plan had Russell Brand firing one of the guns at the audience, Toff shooting a gun just because she fancied it, Holly and Fern getting carried away blasting CO2 jets, Gino getting shot by a rather large strawberry and Chris being winded by a lump of cake.

The audience loved it, production loved it, even the papers the next day loved it. The jury is still out as to whether Gino and Chris would recall it with fond memories, but without doubt, they were amazing sports.

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