Table tennis balls rain down on BigBrother contestants

Big Brother Ball Drop

Monday 22 October, 2018

Housemates in the Big Brother House were in for a surprise on Saturday morning after the Confetti Magic team spent Friday afternoon on the roof of the house preparing for one of their tasks.

Throughout the series, housemates have been collecting tokens or ‘big coins’. These can be exchanged for goods and activities or can give them rights to certain privileges during their time in the house.

Confetti Magic were asked if there was any way we could dramatically launch 2000 table tennis balls from the roof of the house into the garden in such a way that the housemates would not see anyone operating any equipment. We invited the Big Brother task team to our HQ where we demonstrated several of our cannons including our quietest, fan powered Tornado confetti cannon and our CO2 Hurricane Guns which fire pre-loaded, quick change cartridges and are powered by small, back pack mounted CO2 (carbon dioxide) cylinders.

The team opted for one of our Turbo Confetti Blasters. With a powerful fan and hopper that could be pre-filled with the balls, it was the ideal solution that could be simply switched on as one of the unsuspecting housemates hit the button.

Housemates were then put on lock down in the house to enable us to access the roof and carry out some test shots into the garden. One of the task team told us after the filming “Today went superbly well and will make for a great episode”

Watch the video to see the reaction of the housemates as they heard the cannon fire up:

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