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Friday 31 January, 2020

There was no rest for Confetti Magic in January as our confetti team attended a top London hotel for a global company's annual conference and awards dinner.  After a day of presentations, everyone was ready to let their hair down and enjoy an evening on the dance floor as the DJ played a mix of the latest and classic songs.

As the equipment could only be put in place after the awards ceremony had finished, our Remote-Control Confetti Cannons were the ideal choice.  Being battery powered and wirelessly controlled, they could be set up backstage and put in position quickly; ready to fire on the push of a button moments later.

Eight cannons fired together filling the dance floor with green and white biodegradable tissue confetti, to a great reception from the guests.  And with a quick swap out of the cartridges, the cannons were ready to fire again to round off the event at the end of the night.

Remote confetti cannons are a great way to kick off any party.  To have confetti at your next celebration, visit us at www.confettimagic.com or call us on 01582 723502.

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