Confetti Cannons and marching bands as Saga’s Spirit of Adventure sets sail

Cruising back to normality

Sunday 27 June, 2021

Two sectors, hugely impacted by the pandemic, the travel industry and the events industry, came together to celebrate a clear sign that things are beginning to get back to normal.

Sunday saw the first passenger cruise since the start of the pandemic to set sail from the iconic London Cruise Terminal in Tilbury. Saga’s new ship, Spirit of Adventure, set off on a cruise around The British Isles with 500 passengers on board, half that of its capacity to allow for social distancing.

To mark this momentous occasion, the port laid on a marching band along with a huge, celebratory launch of confetti in Saga’s corporate colours to see the ship off in style.

As the delighted passengers watched from the deck and their balconies, the confetti swirled high into the air to even reach the upper decks.

Using our Stadium Confetti Blasters enabled us to launch 20kg of biodegradable tissue confetti from multiple points along the quay in a little over 60 seconds. Triggered by the push of a button on a DMX controller, the blasters auto-fed the confetti with no need for crew with each cannon. This ensured that the confetti was fired on cue with perfect synchronisation between every position.

The spectacle was met with a huge cheer from the passengers with cameras snapping away to record the moment for posterity.

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