The Euro 2020 fan zone in Trafalgar Square saw Confetti Magic provide CO2 Jets to mark England's goals

CO2 Jets add to the roar of the crowd in Trafalgar Square

Monday 12 July, 2021

While the streets were full of supporters singing, cheering and showing their support for England, Trafalgar Square was an oasis of tranquillity, separated from the outside world by a high metal fence.

It is here that Confetti Magic rigged their CO2 jets ready to mark England’s goals in the forthcoming final that evening.

The stage was set with giant screens and tables socially distanced across the AstroTurf covered square.

At 5pm the tranquillity was broken as the doors were opened and the lucky ticket holders were let in to take their seats for one of the best views of the game in London.

With 6 CO2 jets set across the square, two flanking each of the two main screens and two either side of Nelson’s column, each jet was connected to its CO2 cylinder and power cable.

Control was from a central position using a DMX desk and DMX switch packs. This allowed us to pre-program chases across the site and add a more dynamic feel to the moment.

With the game underway, it wasn’t long before the CO2 jets were called upon to shoot a celebratory blast of vapour as the crowd went wild.

Sadly, that was it for the game and with the score at 1-1 after extra time, our fingers were poised to mark each of the penalties.

As Harry Kane planted the ball firmly into the back of the net, the crowd screamed and the jets roared.

Next up, Harry Maguire kept the dream alive with the CO2 jets blasting high into the night sky to reach the full height of the screens.

Sadly, despite brave attempts from Bukayo Saka, 19, Marcus Rashford, 23, and Jadon Sancho, 21 it wasn’t to be.

The good news is that the World Cup is only a year away and the team are perfectly placed to make that final step and make the country proud in the summer of 2022. We can’t wait!

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