Snow machines are not just for Christmas!

Sometimes it snows in July

Thursday 22 July, 2021

Looking for a surprise addition to their leavers’ event, a local school contacted Confetti Magic to ask whether we could make it snow in their playground. Of course we could – blizzard or flurry?

With the DJ playing and the kids dancing, the end of the event drew near. As the last track started, so did the snow, bringing kids running to the stage.

Two snow machines mounted high on tripods ensured that the snow storm covered a wide area to include everyone in the fun.

Using liquid foam fluid, the snow machines shoot a stream of fluffy bubble clusters that look and behave just like real snow, to a distance of 10 metres from where it can drift on the wind to many 10’s of metres more.

With everyone enjoying themselves so much, it would have been a shame to end it there, so while the DJ played an encore, we gave them another blast.

The organisers were delighted and reported “it provided just the effect we were hoping for and as you can see, the children loved it!”

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